Kid’s Day

Sunday, July 7th, 2024

2024 Kid’s Day will take place on Sunday, July 7th! Kids Gift Packs will be given to the first 600 kids that enter at the Gates! Kids can also register all day for their chance to win a New Bike. One for Boys and one for Girls – compliments of Meijer. Also, for Kids Day Only we will feature Bouncin’ Bins Inflatables! See below for more information and photos.

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Sunday, July 7th ONLY will feature the ALL-NEW AIR SHOW ENTERTAINMENT/Bouncin’ Bins bringing in amazing inflatables and attractions that everyone will love! This includes a US Air Force Thunderbirds package that just fits the event perfectly!


Attractions include:

-Thunderbirds Jet Bounce House – A US Air Force Thunderbirds Themed Bounce House

-Thunderbirds Rideable Go-Karts – Electric, Battery Powered US Air Force Thunderbirds themed rideable carts

-Thunderbirds 18ft Dual Dry Slide – Dual US Air Force Thunderbirds themed dual slide standing 18 feet tall

-Mechanical Thunderbirds Jet – You’ve seen a Mechanical Bull, but what about a Mechanical F-16? Try your skill on this Thunderbirds themed mechanical jet.

-Freedom Stunt Jump – Experience the Freedom Stunt Jump – a thrilling game where participants stand on a platform, channeling their inner stunt performer as they take a leap into a zero-shock pad. Mimicking the daring moves of professional stuntmen, this exhilarating activity ensures a safe yet adrenaline-pumping adventure for all ages (weight limit of 240 lbs)

-Amazon Zip Line – The Amazon Zip Line is an exhilarating and innovative inflatable attraction designed for air shows, providing an extraordinary experience for thrill-seekers and spectators alike. This unique zip line features two parallel lanes, allowing two participants to soar through the air simultaneously, creating a dynamic and competitive element to the adventure. Stretching an impressive 70 feet in length and reaching a towering height of 36 feet, the Amazon Zip Line guarantees an adrenaline-pumping ride that captures the attention of onlookers at air shows. Its inflatable structure ensures a safe and enjoyable experience.

-Helicopter 7N1 Combo – A military helicopter themed play area that includes a bounce, house and slide!

-Adventure Rush Tank Obstacle Course – A military and tank themed inflatable obstacle course!

-Eliminator Challenge – Six participants stand on individual platforms, strategically jumping over or ducking under two padded arms aiming to knock players off. It’s a fast-paced challenge where the last one standing emerges victorious. Are you ready for the ultimate test of agility and reflexes?

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